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Yoga Poses for a Young Body & Mind

These poses are recommended by the Yoga Journal and are segmented by how much time you have to devote.  Cool! Maintaining a feeling of youth, even as you age, requires a flexible spine. So in order to stay agile, forward bends, backbends, and twists should be a regular part of your practice. This sequence emphasizes moving…

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9 Stress Relief Strategies That Work

Here are 9 stress relief strategies that actually work – from A Life of Productivity. Exercise, or play sports Exercise and physical activity not only tell your body to release stress-battling hormones, but both practices have a ton of other benefits too, like allowing you to procrastinate less, focus more, and act more disciplined. Exercise…

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10 Commons signs that you’re under too much stress

Stress can result in a lot more than a headache, backache or sleepless night.  Wondering if you’re under too much stress? Check out these 10 signs from LifeHack. http://www.lifehack.org/296095/10-signs-youre-under-too-much-stress   1. You’re exhausted If you have trouble getting out of bed everyday, despite getting a full night’s rest, you’re probably clinically exhausted. Jane Pernotto Ehrman,…

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